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Ray Wohlford Passed Away May 6th

Posted by Gary Paukert at May 17, 2021 12:17PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hello League,

Sad to report that Ray Wohlford passed away on May 6th. Ray played in our league from 2002 to 2013.

Ray’s obituary in the Calgary Herald can be seen here:

Best regards,

Gary Paukert
CSMS Communications

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The Plan

Posted by Gary Paukert at May 8, 2021 9:51AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

A good Saturday morning to you all,

Are you sitting around, staring out the window watching it snow? Are you scratching your….…head and wondering: Just what IS the plan for slo-pitch this summer? Well, let me tell you what I know.

The Province has shut us down for three weeks, and the City of Calgary has cancelled diamond permits through May 31st. But with increased vaccine delivery we can hope for reduced COVID hospitalizations and fewer restrictions by June 1st. At least we plan to be ready for that. Therefore:

  • Registration will close at the end of the day May 23rd. If you aren’t registered by then, you won’t play in 2021.
  • Evaluation sessions for our 26 League ‘Newbies,’ (Welcome!!) are tentatively scheduled for June 1st.

Immediately after the evaluation sessions, AAA, AA, A and Dayball drafts will take place and teams will be formed. If restrictions at that time allow only 10 people to congregate, then diamonds will be available for scheduling and those teams will just practice by themselves as we did in April. If larger group gatherings are allowed, then we will start the season and finally have teams playing each other again.

If things don’t open up by June 1st, then we’ll just be ready to go when they do.

Please note: For liability reasons, you CANNOT practice or play in any League activities unless you have signed up for the CSMS season AND purchased an Alberta 55+ membership (which some registrants have yet to do). If you haven’t yet, please go to today and take care of this. I’m warning you, if you don’t, you won’t get any of the Nanaimo bars and orange slices Jimmy’s mom is bringing for after the game.

As always, watch the news and watch your email!

Stand-up triples and frozen-rope line-drives are just a few weeks away. Fingers crossed.

Best regards,

Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications

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Practices Suspended...For Now

Posted by Gary Paukert at May 5, 2021 11:00AM PDT

Hey, it’s tough to play ball with only five players! And yesterday’s announcement by the province limits outdoor gatherings to just that – five. So we’re dead in the water for at least 3 weeks, guys.

But we’ll be back. The Board is working to have a weekly practice scheme for everyone when restrictions are lifted, and to be able to quickly roll out a regular season when that is allowed. We’re not going anywhere, this is just a pause.

So stay in shape! This is your chance to get ahead of the landscaping and gardening. Finish your COVID projects. Take walks. Stay healthy. Keep yourself ready, boys, ’cause we WILL play again! And soon.

See you on the flip side.

Gary Paukert

P.S. Don’t forget to join our new Facebook page. We have over 50 members already. It’s a great way to advertise the league to outsiders and keep in touch with each other.

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Lost Bat

Posted by Gary Paukert at Apr 30, 2021 7:58AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hi folks,

Gary Scruton left his Miken ‘Freak’ bat at Triwood last week. Did any of you pick it up?

If so, please email him at:


Gary Paukert


Here are your diamond assignments for Thursday. If your name is not on the list, you did not register until the practice was full. Sorry!

If your name is NOT on the list, DO NOT SHOW UP, even to hang around and watch. We are on a STRICT 10-player maximum and are in danger of having to shut this whole thing down if we don’t do it right. Please make sure there are NEVER more than 10 players at your diamond. Please don’t congregate in a large group at Charleswood 1 before heading to your diamond.

Maintain two-metre spacing at all times. Do not share bats. Please wear a batting glove on your throwing hand if you can.

We are continuing to refine the system and hope to add more practice opportunities next week if you got shut out of the 100 spots this week. (P) = Pitcher, (N) = New to the league.

Charleswood 1
Paukert (P)
Mach (N)
Bobrosky (N)

Grass Area Northeast of Charleswood 1
Phelps (P)
Waycott (N)
Van Beselaer (P)

Charleswood 2
Finn (P?)
Anderson (P)

Triwood 1
Yaceko (P)

Triwood Baseball
Toombs (P)

If there are any team coaches/managers in attendance, please help us by opening the toilet and lock boxes and providing balls and a strike mat. Then please make sure the boxes are locked and the diamond cleaned up after the practice.

Thanks, guys. Let’s do it right so we get to keep practicing. COVID numbers are skyrocketing which means people are paying attention to what we’re doing. We need to be careful what we do, even if we’ve gotten vaccinated.

Gary Paukert
CSMS Communications