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No Charleswood 1 Diamond on Monday Nights

Posted by Gary Paukert at Aug 28, 2020 6:04PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Please be aware that our league does NOT have the Charleswood 1 diamond reserved for Monday nights.

Earlier in the season, we had this diamond reserved for Mondays and a few AAA/AA Monday practices/scrimmages were on the schedule. Now, however, the diamond is reserved for the YYC 50+ Ladies League. Our league has no Monday games scheduled at Charlie 1 the rest of the 2020 season.

So please do not use the diamond on Monday nights for practices or rainout makeups. Cantact A.J. Boyd or Len Seib if you need to reserve a diamond.


Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications

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Indus Tournament September 19/20, 2020

Posted by Gary Paukert at Aug 28, 2020 9:35AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Strike Force is having a 65+ and 70+ tournament in Indus, AB on September 19th and 20th.

They have 5 teams already and are looking for one or two more. Also, the Strike Force 65+ team is looking for a few players.

Each team entered in the tournament will be allowed to use a maximum of two underage players that are no more than 2 years underage, (e.g. 63 or 64 years old for 65+, and 68 or 69 years old for 70+).

If you are interested, contact:

Larry Bisson
Phone or text: 403-850-1448


Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications

League Members:

The CSMS League Board has received notice of a complaint filed against us with the City of Calgary concerning the behaviour of some of our league members at the Senator Burns Park (Charleswood 1). It is likely that more complaints will follow. This is a serious matter which jeopardizes the League’s ability to reserve the diamonds and to continue as a viable sports entity. The complaints filed against the CSMS League us are:

1) Use of alcohol in the park
2) Urinating in the park
3) Remaining in the park long past curfew

• It is ALWAYS illegal to consume alcohol on or near our diamond areas. This includes the diamonds themselves, the dugouts, the park surroundings, hidden behind bushes and/or at the curb/street adjacent. Those wishing to have alcoholic drinks after the games have the option to go to nearby JT’s Lounge at the Triwood Community Centre, the Riverstone Pub at 14th Street & Northmount Drive NW, any other bar, or a member’s private home. As an aside, the recreational use of marijuana is also prohibited in parks and other public places. The fact that the police may have turned a blind eye to consumption in the past does not matter since the number one issue related to our renewing field permits is that we not be found to have allowed the consumption of alcohol on the premises in the past.

• Urinating in a public park is also illegal. Our league pays to provide a port-a-potty. If for any reason that is locked, there are bathrooms nearby at the Brentwood Shopping Centre at London Drug, Safeway and Wendy’s.

• The curfew for City of Calgary parks is 11:00pm and it is illegal to congregate in parks after that time in order to respect the desire for peace and quiet of nearby residents.

Unfortunately, a small number of league members, mostly in the AAA Division, have been ignoring these rules for at least the last four years or more. They have been repeatedly warned and yet the situation has continued to get worse, and now we’ve come to this point where our ability to play is in jeopardy because of them.

Since the situation continues to get worse and players refuse to adhere to City laws, the CSMS League Board of Directors is implementing a no-alcohol policy for all games as of August 15, 2020. Any member found consuming alcohol on our permitted diamond areas, urinating in public or overstaying curfew will be suspended from league play for their next four games. A second infraction will result in ejection from the league for the remainder of the season. Board members will be routinely visiting the diamonds after games to make sure that City of Calgary laws are not being broken.

Alcohol consumption in the park after games has previously been kept ‘under the radar’ so that no problems arose. Unfortunately because of the actions of a few individuals that can no longer be the case. This is now an issue that threatens the existence of our league, which has functioned well for over 40 years. Your willingness to cooperate is expected by your fellow softball players.


Board of Directors
Calgary Senior Men’s Slo-pitch League

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Tribute to Stanley Hay

Posted by Gary Paukert at Aug 14, 2020 2:21PM PDT ( 1 Comment )

(This tribute was put together by Nick Radmanovich)

Stan the Man was an icon in the world of Calgary Senior Men’s Softball. He was admired and respected by all those who had the pleasure of knowing him in our organization.

But, based on the extensive and very impressive reports in the obituaries, Stan’s career began long before he joined us on the Triwood Diamond. His triumphs and accomplishments with Softball Alberta and Softball Canada were nothing short of incredible. Driven by his love and passion for softball, he contributed more to the sport than anyone could imagine.

Stan enriched the Calgary Senior Men’s Slo-pitch organization by joining us at the turn of the Century (year 2000). He quickly became involved as a team manager, and he shared his extensive knowledge about the sport of softball with us. His reputation as an outstanding hitter was quickly recognized, and he was recruited to play on tournament teams that traveled to the Huntsman World Senior Games and to many other major tournaments.

In 2017, I was drafted by Stan to play on his Orioles team. After 17 years, we finally played on the same team, and not against each other. In the past three years, I got to know Stan not only as a ballplayer but as a great person and as a good friend. After every game, he and I would go to the Riverstone Bar to discuss the game that we just played. If we lost the game, I tended to be more critical in my analysis – Stan was always positive. In fact, I have never heard him say a bad thing about anyone (not even the umpires). He never cursed or swore at anyone, never engaged in any conflicts or controversies, and usually played the role of peacemaker. How could you not like this guy? Oh, and he always insisted on picking up the tab.
Did he earn our respect and admiration? Of course he did! Did every ballplayer in the ballpark like him and want to shake his hand? Of course they did! Are we all going to miss his smiling face and his disposition as a gentle giant? Of course we will!

I have many fond memories of Stan, and I would like to share a couple of them with you, if that is okay with all of you.

Way back in 2004, Bob Russell organized a team that was going to a Kamloops tournament. He advised me that Stan would be sharing a room with me. I said “I’m okay with that. I hear that he is a pretty good dude”.
The entire team went out for steaks and a few beer, etc and then back to our respective rooms. When midnight rolled around, Stan and I agreed that it was time for “lights out” because Bob Russell would probably do a curfew check.
Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, I get hit in the head by a flying object. Stan had rolled up a sock into a ball and delivered a strike. He yelled (he never yells, right) “Nick, for Christ’s sake, quit your snoring”.
Well! I quit alright. For the rest of the night I slept with one eye open, thinking that the next missile could be his shoe, and he has a good arm! I guess I did fall asleep, because at 6:00am I was rudely awakened and I almost jumped out of my skin! The motel room shook and the noise was extremely loud. I thought it was an earthquake, until I heard the train whistle.

I swear that the train was coming through the room, and that was somewhat unsettling. I looked across the room to see how Stan was making out, and he was sleeping like a baby! Excuse me??

Another story! We all know that Stan’s voracious appetite for softball was only matched by his voracious appetite for sweets. My wife Jeannie would do her annual Christmas baking, and fill a big Xmas tin with cookies for Stan. I would take them over to Stan and tell him that Jeannie said this should last him over the Christmas Holidays. He would say “they will be gone tonight”.

The next day, I would say “Jeannie wants to know if you are enjoying the cookies” He would say “what cookies?”

Stanley, I will always miss you. I will never forget the fond memories that you have created. Rest in peace, my dear friend.

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Service for John Dempster

Posted by Gary Paukert at Aug 6, 2020 5:26PM PDT ( 0 Comments )


Services for John Dempster were held Wednesday in Lethbridge. You can view them online at:

Best regards,

Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications