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Rules Clinic Reminder - Sat April 13

Posted by Paul McNeil at Apr 12, 2024 6:47AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder that the Rules Clinic is being held tomorrow, Sat April 13th, at Triwood Community Center
from 10am – 1pm in the basement, inside Foothills Room.

For those still wanted to attend, please send an email today to Dave Finn,

We have had a really good response to this Clinic after the last message was posted, so that was good to hear.

I look forward to seeing everyone there and getting to learn a few new things.

Cheers Everyone,

Paul M
CSMS 55+

2023 Season in Pictures

Posted by Paul McNeil at Apr 10, 2024 4:53PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would post all of last years pictures one more time for everyone to see before the Links Expire.

To view these picture links, all you need to do is click on the Link for your Team or any of the Links provided to view all the Pics for that particular Link.
These Links take you to my Google Photos Account where these Links can be viewed and shared.

Reminder !!
These Links should expire at the end of April or early in May, so download any picture or pictures while you can.
(All pictures are backed up)
And remember, your picture may also be found on a teams link that you spared for, or another team’s Link that you may have played against.

During the 2023 season, there were 8371 Pictures taken and are now all being shared here with these Links.
There are 28 Links here to be viewed.

If you haven’t already looked at these Pictures when I first posted them back in November, be sure to check them out now while you can.

All the Links are below, just click on one to open and view.

2023 AAA Div Twins,

2023 AAA Div D’Backs

2023 AAA Div Blue Jays

2023 AAA Div Mariners

2023 AAA Div Expos

2023 AAA Div Rockhounds

2023 AA Div Cardinals

2023 AA Div Nationals

2023 AA Div Rockies

2023 AA Div Cubs

2023 AA Div Mets

2023 AA Div Royals

2023 AA Div Orioles

2023 AA Div Rangers

2023 A Div Tigers

2023 A Div Dodgers

2023 A Div A’s

2023 A Div Jays

2023 A Div Brewers

2023 A Div Phillies

2023 Mon Rec Dayball

2023 Umpires

2023 Fans

2023 Misc CSMS

2023 Mike Church Classic Day 1, June 3rd

2023 Mike Church Classic Day 2, June 4th

2023 StrikeForce Spring Tournament Teams Pictures May 28th

2023 StrikeForce Spring Tournament Game Pics May 28th

Can’t wait to get started taking the 2024 Pictures !!

Cheers Everyone,

Paul M
CSMS 55 +

1 Week Left to get Registered

Posted by Paul McNeil at Apr 10, 2024 6:43AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hi League,

Just a reminder to everyone, that there is only 1 week left to get yourself Registered for the 2024 Season !!

Currently we have 244 people registered.

For those planning to sign up at next weeks General Meeting, Wednesday April 17th 6:30pm, please be sure to bring a check or cash for the full amount that you plan to register for.
I am expecting a large number of people will be registering at that time, so please have all your info readily available so we can get you signed up quickly.

Lets go Guys, time is quickly running out for Registration.So don’t miss out.
Get Signed up Today.

Paul M
CSMS 55+



I’m happy to confirm we will have a normal weekday schedule this year! Thanks to the diamond team for sorting us out while irrigation is added to our home fields at Charleswood. Notice for AAA players. The draft is April 30th and the first game is May 2nd. Please plan to be available for games on May 2nd.

May the snow melt and ball begin, looking forward to seeing you on the field.

Division A: All games at Triwood
Day & Time: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday [10 AM and Noon]
Exhibition week: May 7th
League Start: May 14th

Division AA: All games at Triwood
Day & Time: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday [6:00 PM May-July; 5:30 PM Aug-Sept]
Exhibition day: May 4th
League Start: May 6th

Division AAA: Tuesday Games at Aero Fields; Thursday at Webber Academy
Day & Time: Tuesday/Thursday [6:00 PM]
No Exhibition
League Starts May 02 at Webber

RecBall Division: All games at Triwood
Day & Time: Mondays [10 and 11:30 AM]
No Exhibition
League Starts May 27

Aero Fields: 569 Aero Dr NE
Webber Academy: 32070 Lower Springbank Rd [15U Field]

Registration Issues - We are Here to Help

Posted by Paul McNeil at Apr 7, 2024 11:35AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hi League

We know many of you have been having issues getting registered this year due
to Technical Issues with the Registration Process.

Our Apologies to Everyone !!

An email has been sent to TeamPages Support asking for help. And an email was already returned letting us know that
TeamPages will be looking into this issue.

In the Meantime, for those still wanting to register, perhaps think about selecting the Pay Offline option
after you have submitted your registration form, instead of going through the PayPal Tab, which brings you to another page where you can select PayPal or Pay by Credit Card.
It seems to me the PayPal Page is where most of our glitches are starting.

So if you Pay Offline, you can send us a check to the address provided and it seems to work everytime. I have personally
registered about 6 guys using the Pay Offline method and had no issues.

If you Pay Offline, you can also bring us a check or cash to the GM on Wed April 17th as well.

If you are needing help getting registered, please reach out to myself or Gary Paukert and we will assist you getting signed up.
Gary Paukert

Paul McNeil

or reply to this email.

Cheers Everyone,
Paul M
CSMS 55+