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Registration Video

Posted by Paul McNeil at Feb 2, 2023 9:39AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to remind everyone that we created a registration Video last year, that can be found on
the Home Page of our website, under LINKS.
“How to Register Video”

Here is a copy of the Link directly below that will take you right to the video.

This video was made last year, so don’t get hung up on any Dates or any Pricing shown.

And here is the Direct Link to our CSMS 55+ Website, where you can also view the Video.

The Video is almost 11 minutes long but it is worth the watch.
And the Actor that was hired is exceptional in his performance.
I still can’t believe he didn’t receive an Oscar !!

Cheers Everyone,
Paul M


Hey Everyone,

We are off to a good but ROUGH Start to registration today !!

Take your time and READ the instructions !!
If you don’t get to the payment page, you have more than likely made a mistake.
Such as under the Heading,
What are you Registering For ?
If you mean to select Regular but select Alumni by Mistake, when you get to the Payment Page
you end up being Done, because Alumni don’t pay. (Sorry Kevin)

This is not a race. Take YOUR TIME.

Also if you see a sentence above the Any Box that says,
(Please use this Format)
Example, (Please use 123-456-7890 format) then PLEASE use that Format
Do Not enter 1234567890 or (123) 4567890 USE THE HYPHENS AS SHOWN !!
Phone numbers must be in the Format Shown IN THE Discription Above not what is pictured inside the little Box.
Every wrong Entry has to be manually changed !! Sorry John and Gary !!

And under Your Birthdate: (not todays date)
Don’t skip that and just leave the Date that shows up. We know that you were not born Today !!

Many have registered today with no issues, but many have had issues that could have been resolved by reading
the Instructions and taking your time to ensure all the Answers are filled in Correctly.

Thanks for Helping Out Everyone.
And for taking the Time to Read my little Rant, I will make a Point of Taking Your Picture during this
Upcoming Season and Posting it on Facebook.

Cheers Everyone,
Paul M

2023 Registration is Now Open

Posted by Paul McNeil at Feb 1, 2023 5:46AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Hello Everyone,

Our 2023 Season Registration is now open.
Please visit our Website to get Registered for another exciting year with
Calgary Senior Men’s SloPitch. CSMS 55+

Click on the Link Below to go directly to the Website.

And look for the Large Green Button on the right side of the page.
Follow All instructions and read the information provided carefully before registering.
And be sure to sign up with Alberta 55 Plus as well.

Hope to See You on the Field Soon.

Paul M
CSMS 55 +

New Manager Search - AA Division

Posted by Paul McNeil at Jan 31, 2023 3:56PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Hi Everyone,

Do to unforeseen circumstances, we are once again in need of someone to Step up to Manage one of the
AA Teams ( Orioles )

Unfortunately, our recent newly selected Manager for that team has had to step down.
If you are interested and can help out, please send your info to myself or Bruce Hall.
Bruce is the AA Division Rep.
You can reply back to me from this message or to Bruce directly at

This is time critical so please give this serious consideration.

Thanks Everyone. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers Everyone,
Paul M

2023 Registration Starts Tomorrow - Feb 1st

Posted by Paul McNeil at Jan 31, 2023 8:22AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Hi Everyone,

Registration for CSMS55+ opens tomorrow, Feb 1st for our 2023 Season.

You can read about the Registration Process by going to our Website and clicking on the Link located on the left side of the Homepage, titled, How to Register 2023.
Taking the time to read the complete instructions will help you to Register.
There is also a video located on the Left side of the Homepage titled How to Register Video.

Click on the attached Link to take you Directly to out Website.

And if you haven’t already done so, you must also be a member of Alberta55Plus. This is Mandatory as you must be a member of AB 55Plus to play in our League and have the proper insurance coverage.
Click on the attached Link below to take you directly to the Alberta 55 Website membership page.
Click on the Blue Tab for your Zone (most are Zone 3, but not all)
New Players or New AB55 members should create an account with AB 55+. Then carefully follow the instructions.

Thanks Everyone,
Paul M