Evaluations Sat April 23rd - Confusion on Who is Being Evaluated

Posted by Paul McNeil on Apr 19 2022 at 10:09AM PDT

Hi League,

Ok, so I need to Clarify a point about the Evaluations happening this coming Saturday April 23rd.

The only players being Evaluated are New Players to the League and “Returning Players”

“Returning Players” means, Players that have played in our league once before, but for whatever reason, took at least 1 year off and are now re-joining our League again after the absence. So they have to be Evaluated again like a New Player.

So, if you played in our League Last Year you do not have to be Evaluated again this year !!

There are approx 43 New Players and “Returning Players” (guys coming back to the league after an absence) being evaluated this weekend. And they have all been contacted directly by me to confirm their group times and evaluation location.
There is also 1 player being re-evaluated.

All other Members, if you were not directly contacted by me, it is because you are an existing Player that played last year. So you do not need to come to Evaluations unless you are a coach/manager, helper or Committee Member.

All you guys can now get out and Help Triwood with their Volunteer Request for Saturday.

Thank You to the Guys that reached out to me to ask for Clarification on this Point,

Thanks Everyone,

Paul M


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