Official Updated Registration List

Posted by Paul McNeil on Mar 10 2023 at 06:57PM PST in May 2022

Hi Everyone,

Our Registrar, John Schmidt, sent me the Official Current Registration List earlier today and asked me to post it
for all to see.
This List will include info on whether you are paid up or not with CSMS 55+ and Alberta 55 Plus.

Simply find your name and look to the side for a code and then find the code below that applies to you.

The codes are,

5A or 5AP – fully registered
5AU – AB55 verified but CSMS unpaid
A – AB55 unverified and CSMS paid online
AP – AB55 unverified and CSMS paid offline (check mailed in and received)
AU – AB55 unverified and CSMS unpaid offline (check has not been received yet)
W – Withdrew

The vast majority are going to be listed as 5A or 5AP, which means fully registered with CSMS 55+
and Alberta 55+ (approx 85%)
Everyone else will be a combo of
not confirmed or verified with Alberta 55+ and paid offline or online with CSMS 55+
or Alberta 55+ is paid but not CSMS 55+,
or neither are paid.
And a few mailed in a check with the incorrect amount (you paid last years fee not this years fee),
that will be code 5AU

Don’t get hung up on all the different codes. Just match the code shown by your name with the list shown.

At the time this list was sent,
209 People had registered and that includes,
28 New and returning Back to the League Players
(21 New and 7 returning Back to the League Players)

Cheers Everyone,
Paul M
CSMS 55+


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