Attention All CSMS 55+ Members

Posted by Paul McNeil on May 15 2024 at 11:55AM PDT

Hello League,

This is reminder to all players, coaches, fans and managers.

There is no outside alcohol permitted at any of our game locations. Triwood, Webber, Aero, Charleswood 1 and 2 and this also includes, all areas surrounding those field locations. Unfortunately, our friends at Triwood sent a picture to us this morning, which was taken after last nights games at Triwood.

A large group from one of the teams that played last night at Triwood was recorded on Triwood property with coolers and what was assumed to be alcohol that was not purchased from JT’s Lounge.

Gentlemen, this does not meet CSMS 55+ expectations of the code of conduct for respect of property, and it jeopardizes the liquor licensing of Triwood Community Center.

JT’s Lounge was open last night, which should have provided a perfect location for an after-game libation.

Please be respectful of the rules of all of the parks and locations where we play softball.

We certainly do not want to offend any of our partners and we do not want to have to take further action against any offending Teams, Players, Coaches or Managers.

Thank you.
Chris Tucker
CSMS 55+


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