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Posted by Paul McNeil on May 13 2024 at 03:37PM PDT

Hi Everyone,

I have had several people reach out to me about what Bats can be used in our League.

The Picture for this Post shows the Six Logos that are acceptable.
Your Bat must have one of these Logos and also meet the other criteria listed Below.

All this info can be found on our Website. Please Look on the Left Hand Side of the Home Page, under Links,
click on RULES OF PLAY.

Then click on
2024 Calgary Senior Mens 55 Rules

Look Under
RULE 2 – EQUIPMENT, Section 2.2

Here is the Rule listed below,
Sec. 2.2: Only Bats with any of the following six logos on them that are not on the ASA
list of non-approved bats, may be used during any league or playoff game. No other bats
are allowed, nor are any bats that are dented, altered, or damaged in any way such that,
in the opinion of the umpire, they may pose a danger to the players or may give an
unfair advantage. Teams are to ensure that all bats that are to be used during a game
are available to be inspected by the umpire before the game starts. Illegal or altered
bats will be removed from the game and use of said bats will result in an ejection for
both player and Manager. Further discipline may be forthcoming as a result.

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Paul M
CSMS 55+


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