Lost Item of Clothing

Posted by Paul McNeil on May 12 2024 at 09:04AM PDT

Hey Everyone,

One of the sure signs of spring for me, are the messages about items left behind at our ball games.
Here is the First of the Season.
(I’m not including the water bottle I found after a practise last week that belonged to Phil, which made its way back to him minutes after)
We are looking for a Lost article of clothing.
At last Thursday’s games at Webber Athletic Park between the Expos and the Blue Jays, one of our Fans who was on the 3rd base side
left a grey XL hoodie / pullover, with Linde on the Arm at the Diamond.

If anyone that was at those games as a fan or was playing in those games and happened to pick that Hoodie up,
please let me know so that it may be returned to its rightful owner. ( I don’t want to embarrass Mike W, so I won’t mention the former Twins Coach full name here)

So Hey everyone, Let’s all be on the Lookout for Gloves, bats, water bottles, clothing etc etc after the games are finished.
Think of all the League Messages we might be able to prevent !!

Send me a message if you picked up that Hoodie.

Thanks Everyone,
Paul M
CSMS 55+


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