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Posted by Paul McNeil on Mar 30 2024 at 01:05PM PDT in May 2023

Hey Everyone,

194 Registered so Far !!

I’ve been having a tough time getting this list out to everyone. Technology is getting the Better of Me !!!
Hopefully it works this time around.

You should hopefully be able to open this list from this email message.
And FYI,
Almost everyone was able to open the last list from their phone and directly from the Message that had been posted on the Website. (just not from the email)

So, if you can not open this updated list directly from this email you have received, then click the Link below to take you directly to our website and open the list on the same message.
Or if you have your emails going to your smartphone or tablet, you should be able to open it from those devices.

Click on Link Below to take you directly to the Website,

Sorry, Everyone.

Paul M
CSMS 55+

How about some Fun Facts about Technology,

The world’s first computer, the ENIAC, weighed 27 tons and occupied a space of 1,800 square feet.

The most expensive computer ever built, the IBM Sequoia, cost around $100 million.

The world’s first computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1964 and was made of wood.

If you look up the Dictionary Definition for the word Computer in a Dictionary printed before 1965, the definition reads,
" one who computes", a person performing mathematical calculations "

A single Apple Iphone, has more computing power than all of NASA’s computers during the moon landing.
(yet they went to the moon and back, and I still can’t get a cell signal in some areas of Calgary)


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