Registration 2024 - Time is Running Out

Posted by Paul McNeil on Mar 27 2024 at 05:31PM PDT

Hi League,

Our 2024 Registration is quickly winding down.

There are exactly 3 weeks left to get registered and we are well short of our regular numbers,
We currently have 178 players signed up, so we are short by about 100+ guys.

So come on fellas, get signed up ASAP.
You can wait all you want, there will not be an “On Sale” sign getting posted any time soon, and there are no prizes for “Last Guy Signed Up”.

So let’s go!!
Let’s get ready for another awesome season of Softball !!


Paul M
CSMS 55+

Fun Facts,
Did you know,
Nolan Ryan played the most seasons of MLB in the 20th century. 27 Seasons in all !!

(gotta have a Yogi Fact)
Did you know,
MLB Hall of Famer Yogi Berra holds the record for the most World Series appearances, as well as the record for most World Series wins. He played in 14 World Series and earned ten World Series rings as a New York Yankee. He was proud to point out that he had a World Series ring for every one of his fingers, a feat that no other player has accomplished.

Did you know,
Fenway Park Has the Smallest Seating Capacity
Boston’s Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, has a seating capacity is 37,731, making it the smallest stadium currently being used by an MLB baseball team. It’s also the oldest MLB stadium in the United States, having opened in 1912. The stadium has undergone a few renovations since its early days, including the addition of 4,000 seats in 2001.

Did you know,
The First MLB Team Was the Cincinnati Red Stockings
Baseball became popular during the Civil War, and even more so when the soldiers brought the game back home. The Cincinnati Base Ball Club (also known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings) was founded in 1866 and was the first baseball team to recruit and pay its players professionally. They played against other ball clubs at the Union Cricket Club Grounds and while touring the U.S.


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