2024 Registration Update

Posted by Paul McNeil on Mar 20 2024 at 04:32PM PDT

Hey Gang

Registration Update for Everyone.

Our 2024 Season Registration is moving along quite nicely but we could pick the pace up a bit.

As of this message, we have 159 Registered,

34 – A Div
62 – AA Div ( Keeners)
34 – AAA Div
29 – Monday Rec
5 – Alumni
14 – New to the League
6 – Returning, Played in the League Before
( these numbers are more than 159 because many signed up for both Mon Rec and our Reg League)

Let’s go Guys, let’s get signed up Today !!

Cheers All,
Paul M
CSMS 55+
How about some Trivia everyone to enjoy,
-Did you know, William Howard Taft was the first US President to throw out a ceremonial Pitch.

- Did you know that Rickey Henderson hit 81 lead off home runs in his career, effectively breaking up 81 no hitters.

- Did you know that Curacao has produces more MLB Players per capita than any other Countries in the World.

- Did you know that on average, 108 baseballs are used per MLB game, and that 108 is also the number of stitches in a baseball


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