AAA Manager and Coach Needed

Posted by Gary Paukert on Mar 09 2024 at 01:24PM PST in May 2023

Hello League,

Our AAA Twins franchise needs both a manager and a coach for the upcoming 2024 season. Will you consider filling one of these roles?

It’s not nearly as difficult a job as you might think, (if I can do it, ANYONE can!). You get the fun and excitement of attending the AAA draft in April and choosing your team. The manager generally takes on the task of communicating with the team, (I can recommend a great smart phone app to make your life easy), and the coach makes up the lineup and defensive alignment each week.

In exchange for that, you earn the undying respect, love and admiration of your team. Awed silence will greet you whenever you enter a room. Your name will be entered into the annals of league history. And school children years from now will sing songs about your coaching and managing exploits. It’s truly something everyone in the league should aspire to!

Dave Curtis is the CSMS League AAA Division Representative. Send him an email at: if you want to be the next Twins Coach or Manager. You’ll be glad you did!

Gary Paukert
Secretary and Registrar
Calgary Senior Men’s Slopitch League


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