The 2023 CSMS 55+ Season in Pictures has Finally Arrived

Posted by Paul McNeil on Nov 06 2023 at 07:54PM PST in May 2023

Hey Everyone,

I am long overdue in Putting this Post up, and
I’m sure everyone has been waiting for the 2023 Full Seasons Pictures to arrive.
Well without further adieu, I am pleased to present all of the 2023 Seasons Pictures taken during the course
of this awesome past Season.

For all the New Players and those that have forgotten what to do, all you need to do is click on the Link for your Team or any of the Links provided to view all the Pics for that particular Link. These Links take you to my Google Photos Account where these Links can be viewed and shared.

You are free to download as many pictures as you want, but remember, in about 6 months time, these links will disappear.
The Pictures are all backed up and safely stored so they will always be available, just the Links will expire.

Remember, your picture may also be found on a team you spared for, or another team’s Link that you may have played against.

And for your info,
this year there were 8371 Pictures Taken and being shared here with these Links.
There are 28 Links here to be viewed.
And some Teams have more pictures than others (Twins) and some with a lot less (Rockhounds, my Team this year, I can’t take pictures when I’m playing) There is no set reason for how many pics a Team Gets, But a deep run into the playoff certainly helps.

I hope everyone takes advantage of these links and the pictures in them.

Thanks for letting me be a Part of your CSMS 55+ Season.

Cheers Everyone,
Enjoy !!!

So Lets get to those Links,

2023 AAA Div Twins,

2023 AAA Div D’Backs

2023 AAA Div Blue Jays

2023 AAA Div Mariners

2023 AAA Div Expos

2023 AAA Div Rockhounds

2023 AA Div Cardinals

2023 AA Div Nationals

2023 AA Div Rockies

2023 AA Div Cubs

2023 AA Div Mets

2023 AA Div Royals

2023 AA Div Orioles

2023 AA Div Rangers

2023 A Div Tigers

2023 A Div Dodgers

2023 A Div A’s

2023 A Div Jays

2023 A Div Brewers

2023 A Div Phillies

2023 Mon Rec Dayball

2023 Umpires

2023 Fans

2023 Misc CSMS

2023 Mike Church Classic Day 1, June 3rd

2023 Mike Church Classic Day 2, June 4th

2023 StrikeForce Spring Tournament Teams Pictures May 28th

2023 StrikeForce Spring Tournament Game Pics May 28th

Paul M
CSMS 55 +


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