Monday Rec League Update !!

Posted by Paul McNeil on Sep 12 2023 at 06:08AM PDT in May 2023

Hey Everyone.
We Still some soft ball to deal with.
Our Monday Rec League wrapped up today at CW 1. And the 3 Teams wrapped up another great and fun season !!
And for those who have not participated in Monday Rec, let me say, “ a more fun time on the diamond you may never have”
Lots of great guys, a more casual, relaxed atmosphere that allows for a really fun day of ball. Consider it for next year everyone!!
A Huge Shout out to Borden Gavrich for stepping up to look after this great Division this year !!
Borden also requested that the following message gets posted.
“CONGRATULATIONS TO THE RED SOX and their coach Ed Thurmier for being champions of the 2023 Monday Rec Dayball season!!
Shout out also to Jim Burke, coach of the Yankees, and Terry Warkentin, coach of the Blue Jays, for their contributions to a really fun and successful season!
KUDOS to all the AAA, AA and new members to CSMS 55+, who all brought their unique skills to create a very positive blend to rec dayball!
Thanks everyone!
Borden “

Great Season Guys !!
Cheers Everyone,
Paul M
CSMS 55+


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