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Posted by Paul McNeil on Aug 31 2023 at 03:46PM PDT in May 2023

Hi Everyone,

Please see Dave’s message below if you are interested in Playing Hockey.

Hi All, Dave Curtis here,
For those who may be wondering how to maintain the finely-tuned athletic machine you are, once the softball season ends, I have the answer for you: hockey!
I am the organizer of a 55+ hockey group that plays 9:45-11:15am Tuesday and Thursday mornings from October to March at Henry Viney Arena, and we are always happy to add new players from our brothers in the Softball Union! (The working theory being: the *hole you know is better than the *hole you don’t, LOL.) Anyway, the following is what you need to know about this activity:
It is tougher on cardio than softball, but easier on joints and muscles and everything else (because, no running…)
The format is shinny (i.e. divide the skaters who show up into evenly-matched teams and play games-to-5 until time runs out)
There is a wide range of skill level, so you will fit in
If you haven’t played in a long time, this is a perfect opportunity to get back into it (this was the story for most of us)
We already have 10 players from our softball league skating with us
If you are available on weekday mornings, it is a great time to play sports
You can join the roster as a full participant, or just our spares list to be an occasional player
If you’re a goalie, the cost is zero!
Only a few roster spots are available, so don’t wait too long!
Contact me at if you are interested.

Thanks Everyone and good Luck Dave

Paul M
CSMS 55+


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