League Member Recognition - Bill Leesman and Joe Elder

Posted by Paul McNeil on Jun 17 2023 at 02:30PM PDT

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to recognise a couple of awesome League Members that are also Published Authors.
As an avid reader myself, I can truly appreciate the hard work and effort that is involved in writing and getting a book published. So I think this is Awesome.

Joe Elder – “Dear American Brother” Published Aug 2018
I learned last season about Joe Elder and his book, “Dear American Brother” ( a book that had been only recently given to me as a christmas gift before I discovered that it was Joe that wrote it) A very good read and is based on a true story.

Author’s Biography
Joe J. Elder spent his formative years in a German Russian community in Saskatchewan. His penchant for history took him to Germany several times to record the experiences of the relatives who survived the Stalin Era. A self-organized tour by train from St. Petersburg to Gulag Camp Perm 36 in the Urals, and 1989/2006 visits to the ancestral villages near the Black Sea in Ukraine were highlights in his quest for first-hand information for DEAR AMERICAN BROTHER.
Joe co-produced and wrote the narration for the acclaimed documentary Germans from Russia on the Canadian Prairies. Several of his articles have appeared in magazines highlighting Germans from Russia, one winning a prestigious Story of the Year award.
He enjoys an active, full life in Calgary, Alberta. His passions are writing, playing sports of all kinds, adventure travel with his wife and, most of all, spending time with his family.

Bill Leesman – “The Judas Legacy” Published, April 2023
I only just recently found out about Bill’s book and can’t wait for it to arrive from Amazon so I can read it.

Author’s Biography
Bill spent time in both Alberta and Oregon while growing up. The two divergent cultures led to a well-rounded view of the world.
Baseball was a passion with opportunity. Bill played in several national championships at different levels and at 18, pitched for a team representing Canada in a World Championship. He continued playing baseball at college until a serious injury prevented him from continuing at the same level.
An independent, entrepreneurial spirit contributed to opening a bookstore in his early 20s. Later he was drawn into the numismatics world by a friend and baseball colleague, where he worked successfully for 10 years. During that time, he started writing a book.
The next several years included a Small Business Services business, work in Human Resources and finally Real Estate. During those years Bill and his wife added two very special individuals to their family. Their children brought a different perspective into their life goals and provided an opportunity for growth and significant change. Organizations like Special Olympics became a part of their life. You can find Bill volunteering as a Special Olympics coach at many of the kids’ sports games.
He has also spent time studying the DISC personality protocol and has spoken to small boards and businesses about the importance of understanding and implementing it, to further benefit their business interactions.
All of these things have brought a breadth of experience to finish the novel he started in his 20s, with a depth that only comes from living it.
Bill currently lives in Calgary, AB with his family, where they enjoy events centred around movies and sports.

Joe is playing in our AA Division and currently plays for the Nationals. ( everyone may also remember the 2 Posts I put out last season about Joe and his amazing accomplishments from the AB 55 Peace River Games and the AB 55 Canada Games at Kamloops and the Medal Haul he brought home from those 2 events)

Bill is playing in our AAA Division and currently plays for the Blue Jays. Bill also plays in our Monday Rec League.

A Big shout out to both Joe and BIll.

I know there are many many interesting people in our league with really cool stories. If you feel you know someone that needs recognition for an awesome achievement, please send me the info and back story and I will get something put out.

Cheers everyone,


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