League Rules - Reminder

Posted by Paul McNeil on Jun 09 2023 at 06:26AM PDT in May 2023

Hi Everyone,

I have been asked to post a couple of Reminders to the league regarding
League Rules that everyone must follow.

RULE 5 Section 5.3
All players eligible and able to play, shall be listed on the starting lineup and MUST play offense, defense and must bat.

There are no exceptions to this rule and all players, managers and coaches need to be aware of this. Violation of this rule could result in discipline including forfeited games.

Rule 5 Section 5.8
This rule refers to the use of substitute players for missing players.

It is a dual responsibility whereby the player is responsible to track how many games they’ve played and for what team. It is also the responsibility of the manager of the team using substitutes to record their use and to forward a copy of said substitutes to their respective Division Reps. (within 72 hours)Failure to do so could result in discipline including forfeiture of games. Please read the rules and apply them accordingly. There are no exceptions to the enforcement of this rule.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Dave Finn
Rules Chair


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