UPDATE - Multiple Gloves Found at Mike Church Tournament

Posted by Paul McNeil on Jun 05 2023 at 03:28PM PDT in May 2023

Hi Everyone,

So the original Lost Glove from my earlier post has been recovered.
But now it has been brought to my attention that 3 other Gloves have been Found.

2 gloves are with Kelly Toombs and 1 Glove is with Don McKillop.

So everyone that was out on Sunday for the Mike Church Classic, please check your bags because we have 3
recovered gloves that belong to someone.

Kelly let me know that he will be at the Triwood Diamond from 5:45pm – 8:30pm every night this week. If no one claims them this week he will leave the 2 gloves he has inside the lockbox at Triwood.

Please let me know if you discover one of these 3 gloves is yours and we will make arrangements to get them back
to you.

Cheers All
Paul M


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