CSMS 55+ Spring GM Follow Up

Posted by Paul McNeil on Apr 13 2023 at 04:29PM PDT in May 2022

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that we held a great Spring General Meeting last night at Triwood.
There was lots to discuss and items to review. Great job by this years Board for having all the info ready and for the Board Members for their briefs on their Committee Items.
We had a great Turnout which is awesome to see. I counted 63 members in total at last night’s meeting.
As always, there were some great discussions and questions asked by the members in general so that is always a positive thing to have. Nice to see so many invested members in the League !!

I also want to Send a Huge thank you to our good Friends at Triwood for having Collingwood Room ready for us with all the tables and chairs set up, as well as the screen and projector set up before hand and ready to go. And of course Renee was awesome helping out and looking after all our orders from JT’s Lounge.
Thanks to Everyone at Triwood !!

I also have a couple of Photo Albums to share with everyone.

Click on the following Links to see pictures from the meeting and pictures of our Years of Service, Pin Recipients from last night.
2023 Spring GM – CSMS 55+

Service Pin Years of Service Recipients – 2023 Spring GM

Great Meeting Last Night Everyone,

CSMS 55+

And here is a bit of MLB fun facts for everyone to enjoy,
“A Fitting Farewell. Rare are the Times a great player gets to go out on top in the style that Ted Williams managed in 1961.
Playing in what he knew would be the final game of his career, on Sept 28th, 1960, the “Splendid Splinter” hammered his 521st home run of his career, then went into the dugout and never played again"


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