Registration Update Feb 26th, 2023

Posted by Paul McNeil on Feb 26 2023 at 03:43PM PST in May 2022

Hi League,

Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop regarding our registration status.

As of a few moments ago, we now have
162 Registered Players, (Larry W, I’m only counting you once, even though you signed up twice)
15 New to the league players,
5 returning back to the league after an absence of more than 1 season players.

And Hey you guys still left to register be sure to check the spelling of your names and emails !!
The registrar has to work extra hard correcting those mistakes !
So Owen Melenka and Paul McNeil (wait that’s me) smarten up you guys!!
( I guess I was in a hurry, and it was probably after my bedtime)

Cheers Everyone,
Paul McNeil ( see that looks right)

And here is a Quote for the Occasion,
“Spelling is dificault, Spelling is challaenging, ugh….. Spelling is Hard”


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