Registration Kerfluffle - We are Off to a Rough Start

Posted by Paul McNeil on Feb 01 2023 at 04:36PM PST in May 2022

Hey Everyone,

We are off to a good but ROUGH Start to registration today !!

Take your time and READ the instructions !!
If you don’t get to the payment page, you have more than likely made a mistake.
Such as under the Heading,
What are you Registering For ?
If you mean to select Regular but select Alumni by Mistake, when you get to the Payment Page
you end up being Done, because Alumni don’t pay. (Sorry Kevin)

This is not a race. Take YOUR TIME.

Also if you see a sentence above the Any Box that says,
(Please use this Format)
Example, (Please use 123-456-7890 format) then PLEASE use that Format
Do Not enter 1234567890 or (123) 4567890 USE THE HYPHENS AS SHOWN !!
Phone numbers must be in the Format Shown IN THE Discription Above not what is pictured inside the little Box.
Every wrong Entry has to be manually changed !! Sorry John and Gary !!

And under Your Birthdate: (not todays date)
Don’t skip that and just leave the Date that shows up. We know that you were not born Today !!

Many have registered today with no issues, but many have had issues that could have been resolved by reading
the Instructions and taking your time to ensure all the Answers are filled in Correctly.

Thanks for Helping Out Everyone.
And for taking the Time to Read my little Rant, I will make a Point of Taking Your Picture during this
Upcoming Season and Posting it on Facebook.

Cheers Everyone,
Paul M


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