Complete 2022 League Wide Pictures - Accessible Links

Posted by Paul McNeil on Oct 14 2022 at 09:45AM PDT in May 2022

Hi Everyone,
I have put together this 2nd email that includes all the links to the Complete 2022 CSMS 55+ League Pictures in their assorted albums.
Just click the Link located directly below the Album Title and it will open up that folder in my Google Photo account for you to view.
Please download and save any and all photo’s that you like.

All the pictures that I took or that were sent to me by others have been backed up on a hard drive, so even though these links will expire near the end of March or early April, all Pictures are Preserved.
You can share this email with Family and friends and they will also be able to view any and all of the Links Below.

And for the Curious, there are 14603 pictures between all the Albums,

See All the Albums and Links to those Albums below,

2022 Huntsman Senior Games Assorted Pics

StrikeForce 65/70 Indus AB Fall Tournament Day 1 Sept 2022

StrikeForce 65/70 Fall Tournament Day 2 Indus AB Sept 2022

2022 All Divisions Medal Winners

2022 Mike Church Classic Tournament, Day 1, Sat Sept 10th

2022 Mike Church Classic Tournament – Day 2, Sunday Sept 11th

Rick and Mike 2022 Ground Crew

CSMS 55+ Alumni Pics from 2022 ( I would Like to Get Pictures of All the Alumni so I can update this Folder, so Please send me Pictures for this Group )

2022 League Teams and Tournament Teams and Misc Teams

Misc Softball 2022 Pics

Fans 2022

Umpires 2022

CSMS 55+ – Trophies

CSMS 55+ New Storage Containers 2022

2022 – Dodgers

2022 – Jays

2022 – Phillies

2022- Brewers

2022- A’s

2022 – Tigers

2022 – Mets

2022- Rockies

2022 – Cardinals

2022 – Nationals

2022 – Rangers

2022 – Royals

2022 – Orioles

2022 – Cubs

2022 – Mariners

2022 – Rockhounds

2022 – Red Sox

2022 – Twins

2022 – Blue Jays

2022 – D’Backs


2022 Friday Winterball Group

Going Back a Few Years with a Few Team Albums that probably have not been shared before.

Red Sox vs Braves Aug 31, 2020

Yankees vs Red Sox Aug 25th, 2020

Mariners vs D’Backs Aug 26,2020

D’Backs vs Indians Aug 24th, 2020

Braves vs Yankees Aug 27th, 2020

2019 Mariners / Paul Dvorak Retirement

Cheers Everyone, I hope you enjoy!!

Paul M


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