2022 Mike Church Tournament - Information

Posted by Paul McNeil on Aug 29 2022 at 05:11AM PDT in May 2022

Hello League,

I am pleased to be able to Finally provide some important information on the upcoming Mike Church Tournament which will take place in a few short weeks on Sat Sept 10th and 11th at the Triwood Diamonds and the Charleswood Diamonds.

We will be hosting 3 Divisions during this important tournament.
There will be a “AA” Recreational Division made up of our Teams from the League and these rosters will consist of players from our both “AA” and “A” Division’s.
There will be a “AA” Competitive Division made up of Tournament Teams from our League and outside of our League.
And there will be a “AAA” Division made up of Teams from our League.

For a lot of our players, this could be the final games of the season and perhaps your only tournament this Season.
This tournament, in honour of Mike Church, was designed to give our senior players an opportunity to play in a tournament and to support PROSTATE CANCER. A disease that affects men.

If you are a Player that is interested in Playing, we ask you to contact your current coach or manager and let them know of your interest in participating. We then ask that the “AA” Coaches and Managers contact, Kelly Toombs, who is now co-ordinating the 2 “AA” Divisions.
“AA” Tournament Teams that have already contacted us have had their info passed along to Kelly Toombs.
The “AAA” Coaches and Managers can contact Len Seib, who is co-ordinating the “AAA” Division.

Coaches and managers can let us know if they can enter their entire Team and if not, please let us know which of their teams players are interested in participating on another team.
If a League team is not participating, but a player is interested and has no Team, we will get you placed on a Team that will be Participating and try and balance the Teams as Best we can.


All we are asking is give us approximately 4 hours each day, for a worthwhile cause that can affect us all, PROSTATE CANCER and to give our senior members another chance to play this Year.
This is also a Great Chance for the new members to meet the members that have kept this league alive for so many years.

At $30. per person, the more bodies we have participating, the bigger the donation our League will make to this worthwhile cause.
We are also working with The Man Van once again.
They will be offering everyone a baseline PSA blood test, blood sugar, waist circumference and stress check. We hope to have the Man Van available Sunday Morning. (times to be confirmed)

Please decide as soon as you can, hopefully by 9pm this coming Tuesday night.
Please COMMIT to this event IN THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME and to honour our senior members and in Memory of Mike Church.

Triwood Community Association and JT’s Lounge is also working with us and is trying to co-ordinate one or more Food Trucks for each day of the Tournament.

You may also contact myself, Paul McNeil, for any questions, or if your interested and you cant reach your coach or manager.

Thanks Everyone for your Attention to this Important League Message.

Paul M


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