You May Be Missing Out!

Posted by Gary Paukert on Aug 03 2022 at 09:30AM PDT in May 2022

Hey guys,

Paul McNeil has been doing something really special this year. As Communications Director, he is coming out to games almost every day and night and taking, literally, thousands of photos. Photos of YOU in action with your Ken Griffey-like swing, or gobbling up that ground ball like Roberto Alomar. He has been posting all this to the league Facebook site.

It’s pure joy for that little egomaniac that is in all of us to open up Facebook the morning after the games to see if the ‘League Photographer’ happened to catch a good shot of us, or our team, in action the night before.

And not only does Paul post wonderful photos, but he sprinkles in tons of great baseball cartoons, pithy sayings and of course ‘Yogi-isms.’

The CSMS League Facebook page show that 170 of our 300-or-so membership have joined the page and are enjoying Paul’s work. I just wanted to let the rest of you know YOU ARE REALLY MISSING SOMETHING SPECIAL! You may want to consider joining Facebook and our page to keep abreast of what’s going on – especially with playoffs just around the corner.

I doubt there’s a slopitch league in the world that gets this kind of coverage!


Gary Paukert
President, CSMS League


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