Lost and Found Items at the Fields

Posted by Paul McNeil on Jul 27 2022 at 01:18PM PDT in May 2022

Hi Everyone,

There is an important message from our awesome grounds crew about items that are left or forgotton at the Fields.

“We have had on occasion, come across items left behind at the Diamonds, Gloves, bats, hats, glasses etc etc and these items are then placed in the equipment box at that particular diamond, such as the pair of Glasses that were left behind last night at Triwood. If you have misplaced , lost or have just forgot an item, please check with your coach or manager to access that Box to locate, said item.
Thank You,
Ground Crew”

If someone finds an item after a game or whenever, please place that item into the Equipment Box at that Diamond or ask your coach or manager to open the box and leave the item there. Your coach and manager can then reach out to let us know that the item has been found and then a League wide message can be sent.

Unfortunately, not all items are recovered but let’s all try and keep an eye out so nothing gets permanently lost.

(And FYI, for those rare occasions, when wads of cash are found, just pass them along to me and I will make sure it is never spoken of again)

Paul M

Funny Quote that seems to fit the occasion,

“Of all the things I have Lost, I miss my mind the Most”
- Ozzy Osbourne


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