Security Reminder to Everyone to Lock Up the Storage Boxes at the Diamonds

Posted by Paul McNeil on Jul 22 2022 at 05:12PM PDT in May 2022

Hi League,

Unfortunately, the Equipment Storage Box at Triwood was Left unlocked Last Night after the Rangers vs Mets Game. And although nothing seems to be missing, this is now the second reported incident of an unlocked Field Box this season.

So this is a Reminder to Everyone, please make sure to Lock all the Storage Boxes after your games and the Porti Poti’s as well.

This responsibility ultimately falls on the Coach/Manager of the visiting Team of Game 1. The Home Team sets the field up before the games but the visiting Team puts everything away and Locks everything up. But both Teams need to talk to each other and shouldn’t just assume the other Team has locked everything up at the end of the games.

So Both Teams, Please ensure everything is secure before leaving at the end of the games.

And Players, we can all pitch in and watch out for this as well. If you happen to be the last person to leave the field, an extra double check that everything has been locked is appreciated.

Remember, these Storage Box Locks have only One Major Design Flaw, the locks must be locked in order to Work!!

Cheers Everyone,
Paul M


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