Filed Grievance Update

Posted by Calgary Senior Men's Softball 55+ on Jul 01 2022 at 09:57PM PDT in May 2022

Hello Everyone,

Please read the following important Update from our President, Gary Paukert.

“Hello League,
On May 18th in a game between the Division A Dodgers and A’s, the A’s allowed a player to participate who was not a registered league member and who had not been properly evaluated so as to know his draft line.

A grievance was filed and the Grievance Committee has ruled in favour of the Dodgers, although the Committee recognized some mitigating circumstance and good intentions. The A’s win will be stricken from the record and the Dodgers will be awarded a 7-0 forfeit win instead.

The League wants to take this opportunity to remind coaches that rules cannot be arbitrarily suspended, even by mutual consent of coaches. The League also recognizes that there are issues surrounding our treatment of late registrants, replacement players, injured players and etc. which we hope to address over the off season with the goal of revisiting the current rules and creating as many playing opportunities as possible while still maintaining fair competition between teams.

Gary Paukert
Chair/Grievance Committee"

Thanks for your attention.


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