JT's Lounge are Now "Fans" of our League

Posted by Paul McNeil on Jun 23 2022 at 05:44PM PDT in May 2022

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got a new update.

We have just recently set up JT’s Lounge as “Fans” of all the Divisions.

JT’s will now receive any message that gets posted to any of the Division’s. This is important for JT’s, as it helps them keep track of cancelled games, rescheduled games or make up games. They plan their staffing schedules based on our League Schedules, so when there are cancellations, this affects them greatly if they are not aware. When extra games or make up games are rescheduled, this will also help them update their Staff as required.

So moving Forward, It is more important than ever that the Communications Director (That’s Me) gets notified of any cancelled or postponed games so that I can Post it to the website. Then and only then does JT’s get the Message as well as everyone else.

So please, Keep me in Mind when making any changes to the Schedule. Let’s Help our Good Friends at Triwood by Keeping them in the Loop the Best we Can.
Thanks to Len Seib for helping put this together.

Paul M


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