AB55 Plus - 2022 Winter Games Wrap Up

Posted by Paul McNeil on Apr 14 2022 at 02:41PM PDT in July 2021 Season

Hi Everyone,

Well another successful AB55 Plus Winter Games has wrapped up and from all Accounts, it was a Amazing Time for all involved. This years winter games were held at the Edmonton Expo Center, which for anyone familiar, is an Amazing Facility.
The Games kicked off on April 7th and wrapped up on April 10th.
These games take Months of preparation and planning to pull off and need the help of hundreds of assorted Volunteers and of course the many Participants which make these Games such a Success.

There a few Individuals from our League that need to be Recognised for their contributions. Participants and Organizers alike.

First and Foremost, we have to Recognise our own Dave Finn, who as President of AB 55 Plus contributes countless hours of his time to make AB55 Plus and all it does such a Success. And that doesn’t include all Dave does for our own League as a current board member and Manager of the AAA Braves.
Great work Dave !! Truly Amazing Effort ! Congratulations on a Job Well Done !

Gary Paukert, AB55 Plus Vice President South, who also contributes so much of his time and energy to make the Games a Success. And as hopefully everyone knows, Is the Current President of our little group CSMS 55+. Gary played last Year on the AAA BlueJays.
Fantastic Job Gary. Keep up the Great Work !!

Nick Radmanovich, AB55 Plus Technical Director South. Who like Dave and Gary contributes so much of his time to make AB55 Plus a great success. Nick played in last years Dayball league and helps run the Orioles AA team.
Awesome Nick. Fabulous Work !!

You Gentlemen must somehow get more than the 24 hours in your day then I’m getting !!

And now I would Like to send out a Big Shout to this Group of AB 55 Plus Winter Games Participants from our League who wrapped up the Bronze Medal in Curling in the Men’s 65 Division.

Don Jorgensen – Current CSMS 55 Board Member and Treasurer. Don also manages the A’s in the A Division
Ken Kalynchuk – Current CSMS 55 League member. Ken played for the Jay’s in the A Division last season
Greg Lewis – Current CSMS 55 League member. Greg played for the Brewer’s in A Division last Season
And let’s recognise their teammate Dieter Norgaard who although not a member of our League “Yet” helped make this Team a success.
Awesome work Gentlemen !! Congratulations.

I would Love to Hear from any and all other members of our CSMS 55 + League Family that participated this Year in Edmonton at the AB 55 Plus Winter Games. Send me a message, and Lets get you the recognition you deserve.

If I have Missed Anyone, Organizer or Participant, my Sincere Apologies. Please reach out to me and I Will Make the Adjustments

And Hey, Let’s help AB 55 Plus make their Summer Games in Peace River a bigger success, get signed up now !!

Big Applause to All Involved in the AB55 Plus.

Paul M
CSMS 55+


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