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Posted by Paul McNeil on Mar 22 2022 at 07:25PM PDT in July 2021 Season

Hi Everyone,

As requested by many, here is the Current Registration List for our members that are signed up with CSMS 55+ for the 2022 Season.

Click on the Link at the Bottom of this message to View the List.
On the right side of the names you will see Registered and Status, The Legend below shows what those mean,

Reg –Regular
DbB – both day ball and regular
DbO – day ball only

Alu – Alumni/Other
5 – Alberta 55 membership has been confirmed
A – CSMS membership has been paid for
P – payment is pending (they chose to pay offline)
W – Withdrawn
R – refund has been paid (no one yet)

As of 7:00pm tonight, we have 200 members signed up with Approximately 100 – 120 members yet to sign up. The 200 listed include Alumni, so only 192 current Playing Members are registered.
We need to start picking that up, as John still has One Third of our members to get processed before Evaluations.
Please call John Schmidt at 403 455-0723 if you think you should be on the list but aren’t or if you mis-registered in the wrong category. You can also email John at

Thanks Everyone,
Paul M

And of Course, a Quote for Everyone, But changing it up Tonight, a bit of Fishing…..
“My Biggest worry is that when I’m dead and gone, my wife will sell all my fishing gear for what I “Told” her I paid for it"
- Koos Brandt
and an original…..
“I’ve never invited a golfer Fly Fishing whom I know has a tendency to break or smash their golf clubs after a bad shot. My tolerance for that kind of abuse directed towards a quality Fly Rod would probably land me in Jail”
- P McNeil


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