Rules Clinic Attendance

Posted by Paul McNeil on Mar 06 2022 at 02:29PM PST in July 2021 Season

Hi Everyone,

Just 57 more Days until our New Season gets Underway !!

This is just another follow up to our upcoming Rules Clinic on April 2nd at Triwood Community Center from 10am – 4pm, upstairs in Collingswood Hall.
I would like all those planning to attend to send me a confirmation email at the following,
Please provide a bit of basic Info to help track everything,
Name, Coach or Manager, Team Name, Division or if you are a Current Umpire or interested in becoming a new league umpire or just a regular player wanting to attend.

Thanks to those who have already sent this information.

And Hey, its been awhile so here is another quote,

“You had better just cut the pizza into 4 pieces, cause I’m not hungry enough to eat 8”
-Yogi Berra

Cheers Everyone,



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