CSMS 55+ and Covid 19

Posted by Paul McNeil on Feb 19 2022 at 03:29PM PST in July 2021 Season

Hi Everyone,

You may or may not know, but our CSMS 55+ Board met this past Wednesday Feb 16th and one of the main subjects that was discussed was our stance on COVID and what if any restrictions we will implement or follow.

As everyone is fully aware, this is an extremely Hot Topic.

While we expect that the vast majority of our members are fully vaccinated we have to expect that there will be some that will not be vaccinated. And that is a fairly common trend in all settings and all groups like ours.

We all know that worldwide, this is a very Fluid situation and seems to change day by day.
And, as you all know, closer to home, the requirement for vaccinations is being rescinded, and masks will soon not be required. This is also happening in several other provinces in Canada, as well as other countries.

After much discussion and deliberation at Wednesday nights meeting, the Board decided, as many organizations have, that we will follow whatever the Provincial and Municipal regulations are at the time.
This means that there will be no requirement for either vaccination or masking in order to participate this summer, at least if things remain as they are now.
We still recommend that everyone to try and social distance in the dugouts as much as possible and to not share equipment.

CSMS 55+


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