Registration for the 2022 Season is Well Underway

Posted by Paul McNeil on Jan 07 2022 at 07:13PM PST in July 2021 Season

Hi Everyone,

Let’s Start with a couple of my Favourite Quotes from one of the Most Quoted Baseball Figures in MLB History.

“He’s Amphibious. He Hits from both sides of the Plate.”
-Yogi Berra

“I’m not going to buy my Kids an Encyclopedia, Let them Walk to School like I did.”
-Yogi Berra
I could Read his Quotes all Day Long !!

Ok, now down to Business.
Our 2022 Season Registration is Underway and so far we are seeing a pretty good response from our League Members. But let’s keep up the good work and get Signed Up ! And Hey, please pass this along to your friends or Family members who may or may not know about our Amazing League and Lets get them signed up as well. And a friendly reminder,
To participate in our league, you must also belong to AB55. If we do not have confirmation from AB55 before our draft that you are a paid up member with AB55, your name will not be put into the draft pool. Alumni members do not have to be AB55 members unless they plan to step on the field.
I have included the Links to our Website and to Alberta 55.
On our Website, look for the Big Green Button to get Registered.

Cheers Everyone,


2022-01-08T09:23:00.000-08:00January 08 2022, at 09:23 AM PST, Herbert Kruschke said:

Can I check to see if my AB55 membership is paid up? I went to their website, but couldn’t find my “status”.
With kind regards,