THANK YOU! ( x 100 )

Posted by Gary Paukert on Nov 08 2021 at 10:17AM PST in July 2021 Season

Dear League:

It used to be we had a banquet each fall and had the opportunity to do something very important – to recognize all those who work so hard and give so much of themselves so that we can play ball all summer. Since we haven’t been able to have a banquet lately, I really wanted to take an opportunity to publicly recognize a whole bunch of important people who I’m very thankful for, and I know you all are as well.

First, I want to say thank you to all the team managers and coaches. That was 44 guys this year. That’s a long list, but to hell with it I’m going to type them all out because they DESERVE recognition!:

Jim Scott
Jim Strain
Herm Thielen
John Schmidt
Garth Border
Bill Alexander
Don Jorgensen
Jim Kalyn
Bruce Kennedy
Ross Laurie

Dave Mayer
Max Huntley
Dan Silvester
Fran Avery
Stew Leslie
Wayne Nelson
Geoff Weiss
Ken Cutler
Nick Radmanovich
Stephen Stewart
Don Gleason
Phil McDonald
Kelly Toombs
Bruce Hall
Brian Aris
Gord Craig
Kevin Broger

Wayne Kube
Ron DiPasquale
Rick Anderson
Len Seib
Brian Brown
Mike Weatherbee
Brian Caouette
Don McKillop
Wayne Richie
Pat Drinnan
Dave Finn
Pat Bisson

Ed Thurmeier
Gary Paukert

These guys work their rear-ends off for us. It’s not too much to call them the heroes of our league. What for you might be 2-1/2 hours of having fun playing ball, is more like 5 hours of setting up fields, making line-ups, emailing players, thinking about how to keep everyone happy, studying the rules and cleaning up after games for each of them. They all work HARD for us and deserve heartfelt applause and thanks. Way to go, guys, we’d have nothing without your work.

Second, I want to recognize the Board of Directors member-volunteers who have worked so hard this past year. I’ve already mentioned Past President Ernie French who bravely and wisely piloted the ship through yet another year of COVID, and A.J. Boyd and Ed Thurmeier in a previous email. But I want to mention the rest of the Board here now:

PAT BISSON despite a full-time job running his own business, has been johnny-on-the-spot THERE whenever asked for his help.

DAVE FINN continues to bring invaluable experience, knowledge and wisdom to the League, including driving the League to finally start following a Strategic Plan.

DON JORGENSEN continues to quietly do the most precise and professional job with our finances.

JOHN SCHMIDT cheerfully takes on the daunting task of registering 300 grumpy old men and collecting their money! You wouldn’t believe the amount of work he puts into this.

LEN SEIB has the difficult job of playing nice with the City of Calgary to make sure that we continue to have a place to play ball.

BILL MAY stepped into the Secretary’s role this year and has been performing it as if he’s done it all his life, with accuracy and detail that is so critical.

RON WILLIAMS is another who brings invaluable prior experience and wisdom to the Board, and has kept us from making numerous mis-steps, plus has initiated cleaning up our documentation.

BRIAN BROWN brings boundless enthusiasm, energy and passion for the game to the Board and spent endless hours making sure we could enjoy two tournaments.

BRUCE HALL always willing and available, kept the league functioning by making sure umpires showed up, and by helping with game scheduling.

DALE ELLERT also brought wisdom and experience along with a keen legal mind to improve our documentation and to save us from pitfalls virtually each meeting.

ROSS LAURIE did a great job overseeing our diamond facilities which just seem to get better every year.

WAYNE NELSON, despite Board commitments outside the League, was a huge help for the giant Evaluations session and other Committee work.

I’d also like to publicly thank BRUCE HALL and JIM SCOTT for serving twice on the Discipline Committee this year.

Last, I’ve heard it from so many and seen it myself, MIKE FITZSIMMONS and RICK ANDERSON just have done SUCH a great job with maintaining our diamonds, often responding to very last-minute requests.

Have I left anyone out? Did I spell your name wrong? If I have, I apologize PROFUSELY! Not intentional – please only chalk it up to a forgetful mind (we are, after all, seniors!) and not to not being appreciated.

Would you like to see your name on this list next year? The League could sure use whatever skills or time you have to volunteer. You needn’t be a coach, manager or Board member. Speak up, we’d love to have you join the effort to run and improve the CSMS League.

Thanks again everyone! Have a well-deserved ‘off-season.’

Most sincerely,

Gary Paukert
Calgary Senior Men’s Slopitch League


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