Update on Charles Adams

Posted by Gary Paukert on Oct 27 2021 at 03:14AM PDT in July 2021 Season

Hello, League,

Many of you have asked how Charles is doing. Charles Adams and his wife Janet are our Faithful Fans, attending many games and keeping a watchful eye on our facilities from their nearby home.

Last summer Charles was at the Triwood diamond, tripped in the parking lot and fractured his hip. After waiting over an hour for an ambulance with three of our league members, he was transported to Foothills hospital. During surgery he experience heart problems which had to be looked after. All in all he was having what is known as a Very Bad Day!

Fortunately Charles is doing better now. He went through a couple months of rehab at CareWest centre and is now at home recovering. He is able to get around – even stairs – and outside, with the use of a crutch. As you know, his wife Janet, has her own medical challenges but has been doing pretty well taking care him. She isn’t able to drive, but the Christian Women’s Club has been a tremendous help to her in getting groceries and transporting both of them to medical appointments.

I’m sure Charles and Janet would be encouraged, if not tickled pink to receive calls from league members letting them know that we are concerned and haven’t forgotten them. Their home phone number is 403) 282-4140. If you know them, why not give them a quick call and let them know you’re looking forward to seeing them in the stands next May?

Best regards,

Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications


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