AAA Division Final Standings - D'Backs on Top!

Posted by Gary Paukert on Sep 15 2021 at 06:44AM PDT in July 2021 Season

Congratulations to the D’Backs, the 1st place finishers in Division AAA! The D’Backs also finished first in 2016 and 2018. Sounds like a dynasty to me!

The Blue Jays finished in 2nd and the Twins in 3rd after last night’s play.

Therefore the Twins (3) will play the Red Sox (6) in the first round of the AAA Division playoffs tonight and the Yankees (4) will play the Braves (5) tomorrow night. All playoff ‘series’ are just one game this year due to the lateness of the season.

The second round of the AAA Division playoffs is scheduled for next Tuesday/Wednesday and the AAA Division finals will be next Thursday night.

Good luck to all!

Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications


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