Mike Church Tournament - September 11/12

Posted by Gary Paukert on Aug 10 2021 at 12:14PM PDT in July 2021 Season

Good morning, League:

The CSMS League Mike Church Memorial Tournament will be held September 11-12 this year. This tournament is a long-standing staple of our slopitch summer and is a charity fundraiser for the fight against prostate cancer.

We’re planning a great event this year! The tournament will be held in and around the Triwood Community Centre, using our familiar Charleswood 1, Charleswood 2 and Triwood diamonds. As per usual, the ManVan from the Calgary Prostate Cancer Center will be on-site and we encourage all men to make use of this convenience to have themselves tested. On a personal note, both my grandfather and my father were diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 69. It killed my grandfather in 1970, but with early diagnosis and modern treatment, my father is still alive at age 90 with NO trace of the disease, despite having one of the most aggressive varieties. Getting checked is easy, painless and makes a huge difference because prostate cancer is VERY treatable!

We are arranging for a number of food trucks to ply their trade at Triwood, and JT’s will have an expanded menu. So come expecting a lot of good food choices. There will also be a beer garden inside the Community Center for enjoying adult beverages between or after games.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the weekend of the tournament is also the weekend of the Triwood Fall Fair, so in and around the Community Center will be farm-fresh produce and crafts. Bring your wives, partners, families and friends.

The Mike Church Tournament is for the existing Division A, AA and AAA CSMS League teams only, so talk to your CSMS League team about entering. Teams will play in their own divisions with no cross-overs. Dayball-only members should consult with Brian Brown about forming dayball only teams for the tournament. For all teams, register with Brian Brown at

The cost to enter and play is $30 per person, with proceeds going to prostate cancer research.

We hope to see a big turnout for a fun weekend September 11-12.

Best regards,

Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications


2021-08-10T13:04:08.000-07:00August 10 2021, at 01:04 PM PDT, Fred Lukich said:

Congrats to the one who set up this year’s tournament. Well done

2021-08-18T21:47:17.000-07:00August 18 2021, at 09:47 PM PDT, Brian Brown said:

ATTENTION all managers coaches get your teams in this event and email me

2021-08-23T10:47:53.000-07:00August 23 2021, at 10:47 AM PDT, Brian Brown said:

Teams are starting to signup but if your team needs spares check with other teams in the league to pu players. Looking for atleast 4-6 more teams.