Error in Previous Email

Posted by Gary Paukert on Jun 09 2021 at 06:59AM PDT in May 2019

Sorry, boys – the link I provided in the previous email doesn’t appear to work, and will probably give you a warning message if you click on it.

Instead, scroll to the bottom of the email and click on the attached document where it says: “Click here to view the document.”

That should download the document to your browser where you can open it.

TeamPages would like to take this opportunity to apologize for being a big pain in the ass.

Gary Paukert


2021-06-09T08:23:28.000-07:00June 09 2021, at 08:23 AM PDT, Kirk Collins said:

Hi Gary -
Tried the “click here to view the document” but that takes you to a Teampages Team login portal instead of viewing the status document.
Can you post the Status document here or on the Facebook page?
Thanks, Kirk