Check Your Registration Status

Posted by Calgary Senior Men's Softball 55+ on Jun 09 2021 at 06:50AM PDT in May 2019

Hello all:

Please check your status, either with the attached .pdf file, or by clicking on this link:

The status is as of June 08, 11:00 am. Registration ends on June 14.

If you withdrew for 2021, this is your last chance to change your mind about whether or not you want to play or not.

Some of you have not paid either us or Alberta 55. You are not registered until you do.

Make sure you are registered for what you signed up (check the Reg 4 column).

  • RO Rolled over into Fulltime player from 2020
  • FT Full time player (probably signed up in 2021)
  • Dbb Playing both AAA/AA day and “regular” evening ball
  • Dbo Playing only AAA/AA day ball
  • Rep Replacement player
  • Alum Alumnus – no need for Alberta 55
  • Oth Other
  • P Haven’t received your payment
  • W If your status starts with a “W”, you have withdrawn for 2021

Examples: If your status is “5, A”, you are in the draft pool. If your status is “A”, we’re missing something from you.

If you disagree with your status, please email me at or call at 403 455-0723. If you want to change your registration, please phone me first – there may be an easy way to do it.

John Schmidt
CSMS League Registrar


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