Cooler Left at Charleswood 1 Yesterday

Posted by Gary Paukert on Jun 06 2021 at 08:15AM PDT in May 2019

Hello all,

Paul McNeil found this cooler on the bleachers at Charleswood 1 after a practice about 4:15 yesterday.

Since it had some beers in it, and alcohol is prohibited on City diamonds, of course there is no way it could belong to anyone in our league. But perhaps one of you knows the non-league person who left it there.

If so…have them contact Paul McNeil at….!

Cheers – no, strike that…Best Regards,

Gary Paukert
CSMS Communications


2021-06-06T16:09:49.000-07:00June 06 2021, at 04:09 PM PDT, Rick Anderson said:

Please understand that our membership and group are not the only people that can access use use the same facility the we have access to. There are a couple other groups that use these diamonds also.