CSMS League on Facebook!

Posted by Gary Paukert on Apr 25 2021 at 07:24AM PDT in May 2019

Hello again everyone,

Hey, guess what, we’ve got a Facebook page!

As part of our recently developed 10-year Strategic Plan for the League, we’ve created a Facebook Group page that will allow us to better communicate with you and give us more exposure to the big, wide world for growth as a league.

If you use Facebook, you can find and join our new page by doing a search in ‘Groups’ for ‘Calgary Senior Men’s Slo-pitch.’

The site is just getting going, but we intend to post lots of news and pictures of your ugly mugs having a great time pretending to be professional athletes. You’ll see photos and videos and we may even do something crazy like broadcast our playoff games live some day using this medium.

If for some reason you don’t wish for your image to be used on this public page, (general shyness, outstanding felony warrants or a girlfriend like Carrie Fisher in ‘Blues Brothers’), please let me know and I will make sure to cut off your head in any photos.

I look forward to seeing you all link up via social media.


Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications


2021-04-25T09:54:35.000-07:00April 25 2021, at 09:54 AM PDT, Kevin Meyer said:

… No Warrants that I’m aware of, So No Problema !!!!!