Practice Routine Suggestion

Posted by Gary Paukert on Apr 24 2021 at 11:29AM PDT in May 2019

Hey guys,

Tired of boring practices where all you do is take some swings and shag flies the rest of the time?

Well, let’s get creative and ‘Kick it Up a Notch.’ Here is a suggestion for your group of 10 during practices this week.

1. Have a quick run through the batting order giving everyone 5 swings to get warmed up.

2. Three people at a time at bat, the rest in the field.
3. Pitch to each batter as if in a game. Ball is live in the field, batter-runner runs the bases.
4. Runners go to second only and then go back up to bat.
5. Batters keep batting until the are put out by infielders or outfielders.
6. When a batter is put out, he immediately goes out to the field and a fielder comes in to bat.
7. Keep score to see who had the most safe hits.

8. After that scrimmage, have a quick infield practice. Each fielder must field three ground balls in a row before he is dismissed.

This routine (thanks, Dave Finn) keeps the defense engaged, brings base-running into things, and puts some game-style pressure on the batter.


Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications


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