Practice Schedule this Coming Week (April 28/29)

Posted by Gary Paukert on Apr 24 2021 at 11:17AM PDT in May 2019

Hello everyone,

Last week’s practices were well attended and we had good weather. There was great energy and I know it felt wonderful to get out and play and see your buds after a long winter. There were a few glitches which we’ll try to fix this week.

The practice schedule is:

1. Wednesday, April 28, 11:00am
2. Thursday, April 29, 5:30pm

We will use the grassy area just east of Charleswood 1&2 diamonds as a 5th diamond. *There will be a STRICT LIMIT of 10 people on each diamond in order to conform with AHS guidelines. Do NOT exceed 10 players. *

The first 50 players (per practice) who email me at by Monday at 10:00pm will be able to practice. Please do NOT show up, even as a spectator, if you have not registered with me. Also. we need more pitchers, especially at Triwood, so please indicate you are a pitcher when you reply by email.

Tuesday night I will post an email like this one through the website telling you what diamond you are assigned to.

See you all next week, so far the weather looks good!

Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications


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