Found Bat & Lost Balls

Posted by Gary Paukert on Apr 21 2021 at 04:17PM PDT in May 2019

Good practices this week, gents! Great to get out in the sunshine and see those we’ve missed all winter. So far no complaints from the neighbours about too much screaming as we all pulled and tore muscles we haven’t used all winter.

Phil MacDonald found a nice 27oz. Miken MV1 bat on one of the Triwood diamonds after this afternoon’s practice. He says the owner can have it back in exchange for a case of beer. Contact either Phil or me.

Also, I came home with about a bucket-load fewer of the Trump Stote Team1Sports softballs than I started out with. They are marked ‘GRIZ.’ I’d appreciate it if anyone runs across any of them, if you’d save them up for me.

Look for an email on future practice coming to an email box near you this weekend.

Get out the snow shovels!

Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications


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