CSMS League 2021 Pre-Registration Procedure

Posted by Gary Paukert on Dec 22 2020 at 03:33PM PST in May 2019

Hello Again, League,

Well it’s finally winter. And you know what comes right after winter, don’t you? That’s right, MORE winter. But after THAT…ok, yes, a bunch of crappy still-almost-winter. But EVENTUALLY we get to softball season! So let’s start talking about Registration 2021.

Your illustrious CSMS League Registrar, John Schmidt, has set up a ‘PRE-Registration Procedure’ for everyone. If that sounds a little invasive, don’t worry, we use a sedative. But it is a bit complicated, due to the mess COVID-19 left us with last season.

Basically, Registration will begin shortly (mid-January) and before you register for the coming year, you’ll need to follow John’s simple instructions below so you’ll be ready.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and All Other Good Wishes,

Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications

Welcome to the 2021 CSMS online Pre-Registration Procedure.

Note: Any personal information you provide is managed according to the Personal Information and Protection Act and will only be used for the purposes of league operations and administration.

As a 2021 registrant you will fall into one of several categories. You:

1. Paid CSMS and AB55 fees for 2020 in 2020 and played in summer ball

2. Paid CSMS and AB55 fees for 2020 in 2020 but did not play in summer ball

3. Paid CSMS and AB55 fees for 2020 in 2020 but then withdrew and were refunded

4. Did not pay CSMS and/or AB55 and played summer ball

5. Did not pay CSMS and/or AB55 and did not play summer ball

6. Did not register in 2020

7. Are registering as a New or Played Before player

8. Are registering as a Replacement player

9. Are registering as an Alumnus or Other Special Member

10. Other

Before attempting to register after mid-January, please:

- Think about which category 1-10 above you fall into.
- Open the file 2021_CSMS_Player_Registration_Status.pdf, (see below).
- Find your name in the listing.
- Ensure that your status on the document is correct.

The .pdf document you need to refer to SHOULD be available at this link (click on it if it is blue and underlined, or if not, cut and paste to your browser’s address bar):

If the above link doesn’t work, you can access the file by signing into TeamPages as you always do, going to ‘Registration 2021’ at the top of the right hand column, and scrolling to the bottom where it says ‘Click here to download or view….’

We apologize in advance for it being more than a bit of a hassle. Another thing to thank COVID-19 for!

If your status doesn’t appear correct, or if you have problems, call John at (403) 455-0723 or email

Thanks to all!

John Schmidt
CSMS League Registrar


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