Update on Marilyn (Peter) Taylor's Condition

Posted by Gary Paukert on Jul 09 2020 at 01:21PM PDT in May 2019

Hello league,

Ron Williams reports some sad news about someone who is very dear to many in our league.

Marilyn Taylor, Peter Taylor’s wife, was our devoted long-term league Secretary in the formative years of our league. Both she and Peter were HUGE contributors to the CSMS. You may have known that she has been fighting cancer for years.

Marilyn is now in palliative care, receiving care at home. Pete reports that there is now nothing more that can be done to treat her cancer as the last effort was an oral treatment which her body rejected.

The doctors do not have a very precise prognosis for Marilyn, but we should all keep her in our thoughts and prayers and I’m sure it would be wonderful if those of you who know her could contact her and let her know you’re there, that you care, and how much you appreciated all her work on our behalf.

The league will be sending out a bouquet of flowers so that Marilyn can know we’re here and enjoy them when feeling as well as possible.


Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications


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