eMail Scam Warning

Posted by Gary Paukert on May 19 2020 at 05:42PM PDT in May 2019

Hello League Members,

You may have recently received an email, ostensibly from CSMS President Ernie French. The short email probably said something like ‘Are you available right now?’

This is a scam and you should just delete the email.

The way the scam works is that you reply to ‘Ernie,’ but of course you’re not emailing him, you’re emailing the scammer. The scammer says something like ‘I want the league to buy some gifts to say thank you to volunteers, but I’m out of town. Could you please go to Walmart and buy ten Apple gift cards for us to send out, and the league will reimburse you right away.’ The scammer asks you to send him the gift card numbers. He immediately uses them up on online purchases, leaving you holding the bag.

The scam is particularly effective when the scammer is able to identify both the corporate leadership and those in charge of purchasing.

Many, many organizations like ours have been similarly targeted.

Just delete the email and you’re in the clear. The only way you can get hurt is by replying and going and buying gift cards for the scammer.


Gary Paukert


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