2020 CSMS League Season Cancelled

Posted by Calgary Senior Men's Softball 55+ on Apr 24 2020 at 05:10PM PDT in May 2019

Dear League Members,

As mentioned in our last communication to you, your Board of Directors has been discussing the difficult issue of whether or not to try to salvage at least a portion of the 2020 CSMS League season.

Thursday afternoon the Alberta Health Officer announced that the ban on groups of 15 or more gathering has now been extended ‘through the summer.’ This of course prevents us from conducting games or other events this summer, and therefore the 2020 season is cancelled.

Because of the immense amount of work that would be involved in writing more than 220 refund cheques, we will instead apply the CSMS portion of the fees you have paid to your 2021 CSMS season dues. If you do not intend to return to the league in 2021, or are in a hardship situation and really need a refund, please contact Treasurer Don Jorgensen at Thirty dollars of the fees you paid for 2020 have already been forwarded to Alberta 55+ and it is unknown at this time whether they will refund those monies or hold them until next year in a manner similar to CSMS.

Registration for the 2021 season will open on January 1st, 2021. However, if you registered and paid for 2020, you will already be registered for 2021 and not have go online to register or pay.

Our league will retain the permits for the Charleswood diamonds over the summer and groups of fewer than 15 people may be able to, in theory, legally use them for practices at some point. However this would be at their own risk and NOT as an organized league activity. Triwood informs us that they have closed their diamond.

It’s a difficult time. We love this sport and it is a huge part of our lives, but like many things, the virus has stolen it from us for this year. In the greater scheme of things with lives and livelihoods being lost around us, that loss pales in comparison. But it still hurts. Sports is often an encouragement and distraction in difficult times and we’d hoped it would serve as that this summer. But sadly, no.

However, hope springs eternal. The caution and effort we show today will help us all return in the spring of 2021, fired-up, aching to hit a line-drive or trap a hot ground ball. Celebrating the return of the camaraderie and fellowship we enjoy so much in this league.

This is not ‘stop.’ This is ‘pause.’ We’ll stay in touch over this extra-long off-season and start ramping things up again on January 1st, 2021.

Best wishes to all!

The CSMS Board of Directors


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