Mike Church Has Passed Away in BC

Posted by Gary Paukert on Jan 13 2020 at 12:06PM PST in May 2019

Dear CSMS League Members,

One of the true giants of our league has passed away. We learned last night that Mike Church has passed away.

Mike was long time member who finally had to retire a few years back because his eyesight failed. He was very active in the league for decades and was a real forward thinker that propelled the league to where it is now.

Mike managed a team in the league for years, but is best remembered for our annual September prostate cancer research charity tournament now called the Mike Church Classic. Mike was the initiator of what was first called the ‘Average Age Tournament,’ which later became connected to the prostate charity.

Mike was the first to think of having a league website and was the one who registered the domain known as on our behalf. He attempted to set up the website on his own, but couldn’t do it due to his eyesight issues.

When he left our league, Mike moved to be near his son in a little village outside of Nelson, BC so any memorial services on his behalf will be held in that area.

Someone who devoted as much time, effort and passion to the league will certainly be deeply missed by those where lucky enough to have known him.

If any additional information comes available, I will of course post it here and in an email to the league.

Gary Paukert
CSMS League Communications


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