History of the CSMSL

Posted by Gary Paukert on Nov 05 2019 at 09:27AM PST in May 2019

Hello CSMSL members,

It never ceases to amaze me how fast I go from complaining about the afternoon heat wearing me down on the diamond to watching sadly as the snow cover gets deeper and deeper. Is there anything sadder than a softball diamond covered with snowdrifts? On the other hand, as I sit here watching us get buried by yet dump of snow, I remember how every year all of a sudden May is just around the corner and with it all the busyness of softball season. Hope springs eternal.

Rogers Hornsby played Major League Baseball from 1915 to 1937 with five teams, mostly with the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Browns. You’ve probably heard his quote about the off-season: “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”

Well all that to tell you that as your Communications Director I have some plans for my off-season and one of them is to add to and update the League History portion of our website. Mo Lakness has handed off to me a fair amount of historical information that I want to add and I find it very interesting to delve into how our league was formed, built and has changed over the years. It’s a good story and I think we owe it to ourselves and all those who have worked so hard before us to not let it fade into the shifting sands of time. We have a good website that will allow us to record our story for our enjoyment and for those who come after us.

You can help me! Tell me your story. You have medals hanging around that can fill in the league’s history. Write me this winter and tell how you and the Royals finished in third place in 2003 or that the Mariners got the silver medal in the playoffs in 2012. Tell me about your team traveling to St. Albert and losing every game that one year. Tell me about your buddy who worked hard to build the league but has now passed on. Send me photos of your ratty ol’ team. Tell me what tournaments you’ve attended. Tell me how you found out about the CSMSL and how it’s been a blessing in your life. You’ve got a story to tell – I’ll be your biographer.

I intend to add a ‘League History’ page to the website, with sub-pages for each year so we’ll always be able to go back and see a ‘Year In Review,’ with final standings, medalists, rule and bylaw changes, media coverage and lots and lots of pictures of your ugly mugs.

It’ll be as good as your submissions, so start sending them to me. Or if you aren’t good at that, give me a call and I’ll write while you talk.

It beats staring out the window all winter. And I think everyone will really enjoy the result.

Get to work.

Gary Paukert
Site 8, Box 10, RR 2
Okotoks, AB T1S 1A2


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